Travel Diary Alaska// Fishers of Fish, Part 1

There was a chance – just a CHANCE – that the thing currently disturbing my bobber was some sort of prehistoric mud-dweller, one who had lain at the bottom on Old Man So-and-So’s pond since the dark ages, and was just now summoned from the murky depths to investigate the curiosity that was my small nightcrawler, still struggling upon my tiny hook.

“I’m thinking you don’t belong here”

Captchas, those annoying “prove you’re not a robot” tests that many websites require to show you belong there, are something that have no analogue in the pre-digital age, or at least none that I can think of. I don’t ever recall trying to enter, say, my gym back in the 90’s and having someone (likely … Continue reading “I’m thinking you don’t belong here”

Truth in Advertising

In the brochures, kayaking with your family looks like an absolute blast. People are laughing and loving life, exploring nature via some of the world's most beautiful waterways. In reality, it's just an hour of me frantically moving my arms while the 8-year-old sitting behind me occasionally says "I'll help" approximately 5 seconds before we … Continue reading Truth in Advertising