On Uber-Social Media

I like LinkedIn. It’s a little like that really great preschool teacher, the one who is always trying to make sure people get along and building self-esteem.

“Phil got a new job.  Why don’t you congratulate Phil!  Here, I’ll even write the message for you, all you have to do is hit “Send.”  You can do it. . . that button right there . . . starts with an “S” . . . like “Sunshine” or “Snuggle”. . . just a little clickity. . . and . . . there you go! Won’t Phil be happy when he sees your congratulations!

“Speaking of Phil, now let’s compliment Phil on his skills. . . What skills come to mind when you think of our friend Phil?   Let’s put on our thinking caps and think of what we know of Phil.  Hmm . . . Phil’s skills . . .you’re right! That does rhyme! 10 extra stars for you!!”

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