On Understanding your Fellow Man

I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic the other day, on a one-lane entrance ramp waiting to get on the expressway like appox. 100 other commuters.  We were all moving no more than 2 mph, and it was stop-and-go at that.  Despite the fact that there was literally nowhere I could go, there was a woman behind me who seemed to think I was the one holding everyone up.

She was visibly upset, and so close to my bumper that I thought when I got home I might have to tell Abby that another woman was in my car that day.

As she continued to try to find room for her vehicle inside my trunk, it occurred to me what was going on: She must have mistaken my 1994 Honda Accord for a Delorean, the peeling paint on the hood clearly a Flux Capacitor.  She was thinking that if she could help get our collective speeds up to 88 mph, then we would both disappear into a future version of that on-ramp where there was no traffic, say 9 pm the same day for instance, or Christmas 2025.

Once I realized what was going on in her mind, I was able to relax and not get so frustrated with the situation.  It was another needed reminder that we’d all be a little better off if we took the time to understand our fellow humans.


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