On Taking More Stuff

Good news, fellow traveler! For years, I’ve been under the mistaken assumption that when the airlines say you can take one carry-on and one personal item, that means you can have 2 items with you. Well, friends, I’m here at the airport and I can tell you that this apparently is NO LONGER THE CASE! Looking around me, here is a composite example of what a person can now bring: a large roller suitcase, a large purse, a medium beach bag, a backpack, a laptop, an iPad, a Kindle, a clipboard, a shopping bag, a fast food bag, a magazine bag, a Starbucks cup, a water bottle, a large Burka-style coat, a fedora-style hat, a suit carrier, a neck pillow, a throw pillow, a full-sized pillow, a stack of books held together with a leather strap like school kids carried in the early 1900’s, a entire set of World Book Encyclopedias on a hand-dolly, a souvenir chair from Shea Stadium, a reasonably-sized ant farm, a stolen wax statue of Michael Jackson circa the Dangerous album, and an instrument panel from a cold war era Russian fighter jet.

Traveler rejoice!

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