On Tender Moments with Sam

I’ve finally found peace with the fact that the tender moments experienced with my son at this age (his and mine) will resemble this exchange:

Me, at the computer: “Sam, let me show you something.”

Sam: “Show you something?”

Me: “Yeah, C’mere. Look. This is Sam.”

Sam: “Oh. Sam.”

Me: “Yeah, Sam was a baby Sam was a sweet baby boy.”

Sam: “Sleepin’?”

Me: “Yeah, sleepin’ . . . no, don’t touch that. . . sweet, tiny baby Sam. . . No. No touching the keys. Let’s just look at the pictures.”

Sam: “Pictures?”

Me: “Yeah. . . Let’s look at a video . . . let’s see here . . . no touching the keys.”

Sam: “Video? Oh.”

Me: “Yeah. . . no, Sam, don’t touch that. . . let’s find a video of Sam. . . we won’t be able to find a video if you keep touching the keys, son . . . daddy said don’t touch that . . . don’t touch it Sam. . . don’t . . . no. . . OK we’re done here, go watch George.”

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