On the Pop-up Life Coach

We’ve all been there I’m sure: you’re creating a password for a website, and while you’re typing, a little pop-up tells you how weak or strong the password is. For instance you type “2Blessed” but the pop-up mocks your choice with a big red “WEAK”, forcing you to add a random Q and a % and the Egyptian hieroglyph for Yak just so that it will flash a “Strong” or even a begrudging “Moderate” (which is the digital security equivalent of “You’re still a moron, but let’s get on with this.”)


We need this in other areas of life, areas where we might be prone to make bad decisions. It would even be nice to have a random person pop up out of nowhere and heckle us at those moments of poor choice until we get it right.

“Uh. Let’s see. I’ll have the triple-dipped buttermilk fried chicken sandwich. . .”


“OK, the grilled salmon. And let’s do a full-order of the potato poppers.”


“HALF-Order of the poppers.”

“WEAK! Still!”

“Steamed Kale… And, for dessert. . .”


“Nothing. Oh, yes that will be credit.”

“Man, you are the WEAKest!!”

“Cash, I mean. Gotta save the credit for a new flat screen and Sunday NFL Ticket. . . ”

“Gimme a ‘W’. . .Gimme an ‘E’. . . Gimme an ‘A’. . . “

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