Gas Pump Rage

Maybe it’s just me (and it often is) but the screens on the gas pumps are getting out of control with all the questions they ask. It’s cold, gas pump, let’s hurry this transaction along!

> Debit or credit?

> Are you using a rewards card?

> Do you want to receipt?

> Do you want to gift receipt?

> Would you like to buy a car wash?

> Would you like to buy a hot dog?

> Have you ever ridden a hover board?

> Are you sure about the car wash? I’m just saying.

> Would you like to donate a dollar so that at-risk youths can go to clown school?

Your face is getting all red. Are you ok?

> Is it something I said?

> I’m doing it again, aren’t I?

> You find me repulsive, don’t you?

> I don’t deserve you!!

> I’m sorry, will you forgive me?

> I forgot, do you want to receipt?



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