“Free Wi-Fi”

I recently saw a local motel sign which included the following, as written:

Rooms Available

“Free Wi-Fi”

I simply don’t understand the use of quotes here. Are they quoting someone?

“Free Wi-Fi,” says Bill Sweeney of Akron, Ohio.

I guess it’s better than:

“Free” Wi-Fi

which suggests that you will be paying for it in some way. I’m thinking if you opt to use the Wi-Fi, you wake up in a tub full of ice with a fresh scar where your kidney used to be. “Enter as strangers. Leave missing an organ.”


Free “Wi-Fi”

suggesting that you’re getting SOMETHING for free, but you might not want to count on actual “Wi-Fi”. “Enjoy a complementary Bluetooth connection to the phone of our night custodian, Slippery Pete. And good luck sleeping after browsing Pete’s phone.”

Ah, the English language.


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