The Futility of “Communication”

Me: Does anyone want any more spaghetti before I put it up?


Me: Girls? Sam? I’m putting up the spaghetti.

{No response}

Me: I’m going to put up the spaghetti.  No one wants any?


Me: Ok, I’m putting up the spaghetti now.

{Never has the house been so quiet}

Me: Ok, last chance . . .


Me: Alright, final warning. . .  spaghetti is packed up and going into the fridge. Speak now . . .

{The silence, as they say, is deafening}

Me (Slides Tupperware containers full of spaghetti into the fridge, sits in a relaxing manner on couch)

Kid: Dad, do we have any spaghetti left?


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