Bath Night – #4

Last night was once again bath night in the Mullins home. Which means our bathroom now resembles a gas station restroom from a movie about a fugitive on the run:

There is standing water everywhere; q-tips, half-empty toothpaste tubes, cups and other random items lying about; a tattered rag floating in a sink full of murky water; an abandoned box of hair dye; pieces of hair lying atop and around a pair of broken rusty scissors; a single, flickering light bulb swinging ominously to and fro in front of a dirty mirror; a receipt from the purchase of a one-way bus ticket to Tijauna; and a ripped-in-half photo of a large albino Russian man with the words “El Diablo” scrawled across it in what appears to be axle grease.

Still, another bath night is in the books.

(And we’re kind of used to itetc...etc)

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