Note to Our Future Overlords on a Rainy Day

To our future robot overlords, or for any literate zombies left behind after the Apocalypse:

I leave this for you in order to give you a small glimpse into the society which once dominated the land you have inherited/stolen. Today it rained. By “rained” I mean water fell from the sky in oblong spheres know as “droplets”.

Is there still rain in your time, I wonder?

In terms of rain, it was by no means a heavy or prolonged period of precipitation. There was no appreciable standing water, the temperature was not cold, nor the wind especially robust, so as to add appreciable danger to automotive travel. Make no mistake, caution was indeed warranted, as “rain” adds a level of complexity to automotive travel, and, we ought not take that lightly.

Yet, today as always, our species operated their vehicles – those steely mechanical contraptions you either long-ago melted down to create your cold robotic armies, or which you now use for shelter while devouring things that I dare not even think about – in a way that suggested that what fell from the sky was not simply water, an elegant marriage of hydrogen and oxygen, but was instead a sort of fear-inducing elixir from the worst of the gods, causing the masses to cower at the thought of driving above 5 mph, at the once-beautiful prospect of getting home to enjoy our families, at the idea of NOT spending an unbearably large fraction of our lives sitting on these concrete byways!

And so, here we sit, a great glut of humanity simply trying to make it home to spend what remaining days we have with said loving families. Here we waste away, jammed within the man-made arteries of this fine city, wondering why no one is moving above a crawl.  Why, of why?!!

At least I have time to dictate this to you, dear future blight to humanity, as I anticipate getting a little further down the road to realize there IS no real reason we are not all moving, that the danger is a phantom, blowing in the mild and mostly dry wind!

Yours affectionately,

21st Century Motorist on a Slightly Rainy Day


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