The “Limited” Time Offer

I keep getting these emails from companies informing me that I am being offered an INCREDIBLE discount on their product/service, but only for a VERY limited time.  Then, when I’m sure the deadline has passed, they pop back up and say they’ve extended it, but only for the BRIEFEST of windows, and ONLY for me.

It’s annoying, but I also can’t help being a bit shamed by their example, because I see my parenting “skills” reflected there:

“You’ve got 3 DAYS to buy our product at this price. 3 DAYS, and then it’s gone FOREVER.”

{3 Days passes}

“OK, here’s the deal.  We’ve decided to extend our offer, but ONLY FOR YOU and ONLY for 12 hours. THAT. IS. IT. Don’t miss it!”

{12 hours passes}

“Ok, ok, ok. . . (exhales a deep breath) . . .listen . . .  here’s what we’re gonna do.  If you respond in the next 10 minutes, we’re gonna let you in on this.  But that is IT, my friend!”

{10 minutes passes}

“Did you not hear me about the offer? What’s that? You didn’t hear me? How’s that possible? Well, look at me.  Look at me, please! You have 5 minutes.  FIVE, and then the offer is G.O.N.E.”

{5 minutes passes}

“That’s it! You missed it! No offer for you! We’re done here! . . . Why are you crying? . . . I DID tell you about the offer. . . When? . . .Oh, I don’t know, many, many times! 5 minutes ago, for Pete’s sake! . . .Yes, fine, you may have the offer. . . just get your shoes on.”

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