The Missing LinkedIn Feature

Blog 060617 HQ

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ll likely know that you can endorse people for certain skills. You can attest to a person’s abilities, experience, and qualities, characteristics which they themselves have highlighted as their core competencies, and which they, apparently, feel might make them marketable:

For example:

  • Does Carl know about quality control?

Yes, he does.

  • Is Jane proficient in process improvement?

Most definitely, she is!

In the interest of fair play, LinkedIn needs to add a feature to help the working community understand and embrace some of the not-so-positive qualities of the people we work with. We should all be allowed to “promote” these less-than-charming characteristics of our co-workers:

  • Is Phil good at jamming the printer queue at peak times by printing hundred-page documents that could have waited until later or really never been printed at all?


  • Does Steve tell too many stories about all the over-the-top food he ate at the state fair, and the effects it had on his body?


  • Does Sheila have experience with over-reacting to simple, innocent questions from coworkers just trying to perform a task so they can go home to their families?

I’d say so

  • Does Quinton have experience making it seem like he is the only one who has a job to do?

Yeah. Yeah he does.

  • Does Paul keep three-too-many staplers on his desk?

And how!

  • Bob is celebrating 15 years of fouling the microwave with fish tacos! Congratulate Bob.

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