A poll about parenting daughters

I saw a very young lady on the back of a motorcycle going down the highway the other day.  It was obvious she was with her boyfriend.  I have absolutely nothing against motorcycles (or boyfriends, for that matter), but it made me consider my precious girls, and play a game of “This or That?” in my mind.

I’m curious what you’d pick.  Maybe your daughters are grown, and you have faced this “dilemma,” maybe you’re in my stage of life (3 daughters ages 7-11), or maybe you don’t have kids yet but like the rest of us, have a strong opinion about stuff.

Which would you choose?  Feel free to let me know why in the comments.

2 thoughts on “A poll about parenting daughters

  1. My list of no’s are smoking, drugs, sending nude photos, bullying, blatant promiscuity and drinking. My daughter is currently 15 and just finishing her sophomore year. Everything else is open for discussion. Though I do know someone who has a daughter in college, and the daughters boyfriend has a pilots license. I can’t say I would be thrilled with that. I know I’m going to relax the drinking rule as she gets older, assuming she doesn’t come home on her knees.

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