SRS Report

SrS-6 - week of 060417

  • Superlatives: Just a quick observation as I reflect on all of these end-of-year awards that are being handed out:

If I had TRULY been the “Most Improved Player” as many years as it was claimed, I’d be the NBA MVP right about now. Or at least “former.”  Thanks for the award, but you’re not fooling anyone anymore.

  • Dreams.  We enjoy watching America’s Got Talent.  It always gives me pause when the judges tell a little kid that their “dreams are about to come true.”  What dreams could a 6-year-old possibly have?  When I was 6, my dreams included a grotesquely-tall dalmatian that lived in my closet and getting lost in a crowded speakeasy.

Of course,  I know they mean dreams in the sense of ambition.  In that case, when I was 6, I wanted to be the first-ever astronaut professional baseball player who owned the World’s Largest Toy Store.  Same conclusion.

  • Self-Promotion: I always imagined promoting one’s own writing involved (figuratively, MAYBE literally-as-a-last-resort) screaming, “Hey, everybody! Look at my stuff!”, an endeavor which does not move me at all.  After spending some time researching, it seems it’s actually more like screaming, “Hey, everybody! Look at my stuff!” while being kicked in the groin.  Still not my proverbial cup o’ tea.

  • “I am not a robot”: I keep seeing this when signing up for websites. Is this the best we can do to prevent automated sign-ups? Is this a reverse psychology type of thing? Or are Robots more honest than I give them credit for? They MUST answer truthfully?  So many questions; I’m sure there’s a reason.  Still, I think we’re doomed.

  • Surviving: I’ve managed to run a few days this week.  The large, black-robed, faceless guy with the skeleton hands and the long sickle still floats behind me on these runs, but I THINK I’m starting to increase the gap. #Fit #13MinuteMile

. . . Until Next Week There’s Something to Report . . .


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