Like the Second-Rate Facebook Page before it’s gone!

That headline up there is what people in the business refer to as a “Limited-Time Call to Action”.

(I’m sorry. No one actually calls it that. I don’t even know what “business” I’m referring to. Forgive me for acting like I know what I’m talking about. And the page isn’t going anywhere after a limited time – that would be stupid.)

In an attempt to make sure the major social media avenues are covered (because that’s what you’re supposed to do?), I’ve created a Second-Rate Facebook Page! If so inclined, please like the page (by either clicking the link below, or through the widget on the right side or bottom of this post, depending on how you’re currently reading) so that you won’t miss any Second-Rate content.  

I really look forward to increased interaction, and appreciate you taking the time to read even this!

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