Serving Time

Took the kids to the monthly Home Depot kids’ workshop this morning. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to one of these, but they can be anxiety-inducing. You have to jostle for a place to work; there are never enough tools; the air is filled with the incessant sounds of tiny hammers trying to hit tiny nails but more often hitting the benches or tiny fingers; it’s full of frustrated little people; and the front is guarded by a couple of burly guys in matching uniforms. It’s what I imagine the workshop of a Keebler Elf minimum security prison might be like.

They will be out soon with good behavior

2 thoughts on “Serving Time

  1. Haha! My boys and I used to go to these weekly workshops all the time, between Home Depot and Lowes. They’ve made some really cool things from all those kits over the years…but watching them wield hammers with disturbingly scary amounts of enthusiasm was a bit terrifying at times. 😝


    1. So true. We love the IDEA of going, and, as you have pointed out, there are many of these made-things which were very cool and which they liked and took care of . . . for a while (at some point my wife and I will sneak them into the trash – feel lousy admitting that, but what can you do?) I’m chalking these experiences up as times we will look wistfully back upon. (?)

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