Accepting an Award Nomination (And Paying it Forward)

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I’ve been nominated for an award from a first-rate blog! This being my first such recognition as a blogger (and one of only a handful of awards I’ve ever received, if you count the Most Improved Player award I received 8 straight years in a row for basketball*, and the “Colors MOSTLY in The Lines” award I seem to remember my teacher handing me as I was walking out the door on my last day of kindergarten** , all of which I absolutely DO count), I sure hope I’m doing this right.

I’ve read and re-read the rules, which I dutifully repeat now:

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. I’ve linked to Mitch’s Blog both above and below (OK, now I’m worried I’m overdoing it and messing up his “SEO,” a term which I THINK has something to do with google and/or the quest to find alien life forms), and have thanked him below.

List the rules.  Go a few lines up and you’ll see where they begin . . . wait, I think that will start some kind of loop from which you’ll never escape. Abort!

Display the award on your blog post. It’s that lovely picture at the top, taken directly from the nominator’s (a term which rolls off the tongue, huh?) post.

Reveal seven facts about yourself.  I’ve included those, for better or worse, below.

Nominate 11 other bloggers and let them know. I’ve included those, absolutely for better, below.

A hearty “Thanks” to the Nominator (Yeah, that still doesn’t sound right):

This nomination comes from Mitch at  I’ve only recently discovered his blog, but was instantly a fan.  Not only do I agree with the overarching “theme” of his blog, namely that stories have incredible power, I really appreciate his writing style, as well as his ability and apparent desire to weave his faith (which I share) into every subject he takes on.  Actually, I think I have that backward: his faith seems to be the core around and through which he weaves the stories he tells.

Or that’s my take on it.  Either way, thanks for the honor Mitch, and more than that, thank for what you share with us through your blog.

7 Facts, FINALLY Revealed! 
  • My father is a preacher and an attorney.  Which means that during my adolescence, my dad spent a little time taking care of my friends’ speeding tickets and a LOT of time praying for their eternal souls.
  • In college, I was moderately interested in science, was not great at math, and loved literature and writing.  So naturally, when it came time to settle on a major I chose Chemistry {cue Trombone Fail “Waa-waa-waaaaaa” Sound}.  Bonus Fact-et: This Blog’s name stems mostly from this fact!
  • My wife and I met, were engaged 5 weeks later, married 6 months after that.   Hey, when you know you know! Been married 14+ years.
  • When I was a kid, I stapled my finger just to see what it felt like.  It’s one of the most vivid childhood memories I have. I’m not proud of it, but to this day, it’s significant because I think I’ll come closer to, say, curing male pattern baldness than to figuring out why on earth I thought that was an OK thing to do.
  • I get emotional at the emotional parts of kids’ movies.  Let’s just say that Friday night family movie night will likely involve me mumbling phrases like, “No, I think a bug flew into my eye. . . just watch the movie sweetie.”
  • In college, I house sat for my aunt and uncle, where I proceeded to lock myself out of the house. Twice.  Each time, I had to walk a few miles to my grandparent’s house to get a spare key. The second time, I had to pretend that I needed exercise and that I missed them (both of which were true, but still).
  • One of the most inspiring places I’ve ever visited was the ancient city of Capernaum, on the Sea of Galilee.  I consider it so because it is small, and we know that Jesus spent a great deal of time there.  Which means that the places my wife and I stood and read and prayed, looking out over the sea (which is really no larger than a lake), were likely exact places that Jesus had stood and walked and considered the sea.
  • I believe in giving folks a little more than what has been asked of me. Say, 8/7’s of what is required.  (See what I did there?)
My Nominees

The Captain’s Speech — A clever/thoughtful/honest/misc purveyor of posts. And he loves to talk about pizza, so there’s that.

Behind the White Coat — Poignant musings from a medical doctor, accompanied by beautiful original photography. So, kind of a slacker.

Little Fears — Otherworldly characters + unique and surreal illustrations + clever writing = one of the most unique story experiences around.

Shawn Writes Stuff — Often clever, always fun short stories.  Well-written, despite what the tagline would have you believe.

Comically Quirky, aka Quirky Girl — Always hilarious, relatable riffs on all things life.

Let the Redeemed Say So — Deep, encouraging observations from my favorite English teacher who happens to also be my sister-in-law.

Little Momma, Big World — Inspiration from a mom, wife, final-year nursing student, ostomate (translation: not letting a little thing like Crohn’s get in the way of a great life)

Mindfump — Ultra-absorbing, keen, oft-humorous insights, most sharing a common theme of taking mental health issues head-on.

This is Youth — A unique travel blog, of sorts, one which focuses not on simply recording but by relaying very engaging stories.

Themomfred — Delightful reflections on spirituality, parenthood, books, domesticity,  and myriad other subjects in between.



Thanks again, Mitch – I hope you have not reconsidered after the above!

And thanks to my nominees for sharing even a small piece of your lives with us!



*Maybe it wasn’t Most Improved Player every time, but it was something as nebulous, like “Most Hustle” award or “Cleanest Uniform” award.  I’d have been perfectly happy to receive nothing, but we don’t do that anymore, I guess.

**I can’t claim 100% clarity on this memory, but I DO know I had a tough time learning to color within the lines, and my kindergarten teacher was very kind and encouraging . . .and honest. 

12 thoughts on “Accepting an Award Nomination (And Paying it Forward)

  1. Congratulations! I haven’t been participating in blog awards, but I appreciate the nomination! 😊

    I knew a kid who would glue his hands together and staple his knees (!) out of boredom in class. You guys probably would’ve had so much fun together if left alone with a stapler. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Understand! Just a small thanks for sharing your writing and experiences. Thanks for taking time to reply!

      Haha – yes, I would like to have known him; he sounds like a great guy! I have a love-hate relationship with the irrational tendencies of kids. It is fascinating sometimes to watch them in my kids, and was certainly so when I was the one taking part. It’s just now I’m one of the lucky adults who gets to rush kids to the ER when someone gets the notion to climb a rickety bookcase or see what happens when they hammer their sister’s head.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And that’s only one of the many joys of having kids! 😝

        It definitely is far less enjoyable to live dangerously when you’re now the on-call designated driver of a vehicle that seemingly stops at exclusively at your local hospital’s emergency room. 😜

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yep. I had no idea what a “deductible’ was when I thought that a staple through the finger was worth a try. My kids are clueless too. Circle of life!


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