Old Stuff Which Has Been Here All Along But Which No One Has Read – A Self-Serving Throwback Thursday Jam

I’ve played around with blogging for a few years now (I THINK there might be a post on the horizon about this).  Essentially, I’d write a few posts, absolutely no one would read them, and so I’d quit for a while, heading back to the friendly confines of Facebook.  I knew nothing about the importance of seeking a community, of interacting with others, of consistently putting out “quality content,” of bugging your family, local grocers and misc. clergy to read your stuff.

I include this here because I have a bunch of posts which no one has ever read.  (When I say “no one has ever read,” that’s not a euphemism for “not too many people have read.”  I mean no one read them, and I have stats to prove it. To be fair, when I started on WordPress a while back, I ported over all of my Blogger posts which no one read so I would have a “back catalog” . . .of stuff which no one read.  Not sure what I was going for there.)

I state emphatically that I’m not saying they SHOULD be read.  But, what if my best writing is behind me, what if I peaked long ago, what if my stuff was SLIGHTLY less second-rate back then and no one read it so no one (except my great Aunt Tilly) discovered that fact?  It would be tragic unfortunate a mild nuisance (to me)!

So, today I claim the innate rights and associated powers given to us by the day “Thursday” and the English word and human concept “Throwback” to link to a piece of writing which has  been freely accessible but has never been read, at least on my Blog, in a feature I’m calling “Old Stuff Which Has Been Here All Along But Which No One Has Read (Working Title)”*

The Post:

“I was at the airport, and there was a guy who I, as an old, out of touch man, would call a trendy young dude.  He had on the REALLY skinny jeans, a knit cap, and what looked like bowling shoes. . . {Read More}

*Note: Confession time: I started this post not only as a way to link to old material, but so I could post something but not have to put a lot of work into it, you know, to keep up a presence, as I work on longer material to be posted at a later date.  Now, as I read back over THIS post, which started as just an intro to another, older post, I realize the irony that this post (2017) is over twice** the length of the post I linked to (2015), and took some work, meaning I could have just posted something original today, and not bothered with the whole “I have this stuff that no one has read” stuff.  

**Note: After the first note, this post is at least 4 times longer, maybe more.  I’m not going to count the words***, but “at least” covers a multitude of math errors. 

***I should have just counted the words. 

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