A Moment with a Food Labeling Cynic // #1

My kids were eating cereal the other day, and on the box was the following phrase:

“First ingredient: whole grain”

I get that this claim is a comment on the supposed wholesomeness of the product, which is admirable.

But it makes me wonder what OTHER ingredients they might be hiding?

Because, if your second, third or even thirtieth ingredient is, say, rat poison shavings*, then who cares what your first ingredient is?!

*Note: this post should be seen as a commentary on questionable labeling practices and not a claim that any cereal product contains shavings of poison used in the extermination of rodents**. 

**Note: it is not even clear to the author*** if in point of fact “rat poison shavings” are a thing. It sounded better than the first choice, “equine botulism,” which was both a bit disturbing AND of questionable existence.

***Note: the “author” has nothing against Whole Grain. He loves ALL grain, and would never want to discourage people from eating grain, whole or otherwise.  He eats grain whenever possible. Just this afternoon, he was like, “I could sure go for some grain right about now.” That’s the kind of guy he is. 

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