Parenting Book Title Contenders // #1

We hope to write a book someday about this phase of life, specifically the raising of four young children. Here are a few titles we’re throwing around:

“Everything We Own is Broken”

“The Brokenness of Everything”

“Pretty Broken Things”

“When Things Become Broken”

“If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It . . . is a Concept that Doesn’t Apply Here”

“All the Broken Things We Cannot See”

“Truly Madly Broken”

“Everything You Wanted to Know About Broken Stuff (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)”

“Animal Farm”

3 thoughts on “Parenting Book Title Contenders // #1

    1. Yeah, don’t they say go with your first response, that it’s always the truest response? Could’ve stopped there, and actually enjoyed my lunch. Dang it!

      Anyway, thanks for the confirmation. The book is years/decades from being written, but in the event that in, say, 2050, the title hasn’t been taken, and I still have some brain cells left to write some stuff down, I’ll send you a copy!

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