Finally, a Campaign to Get Excited About!

I want to give everyone a heads up about a Kickstarter campaign which I will be launching in the very near future:

I’ll be designing a vehicle for parents or guardians who struggle with children who argue over where they’re going to sit on trips. The basic design is just like a normal car or van, except that every X number of minutes (programmable based on trip length and various other factors), every seat except the driver’s seat will rotate, allowing every child to sit in every position in the vehicle.

And if they still don’t like the seating arrangement (which I anticipate will be the default), they and their seat will be folded into the floor (safely, of course) where they can spend some time thinking about their attitude, while The Sermon on the Mount, as read by James Earl Jones, plays on a loop.

Loud noises
One fair way to sum up driving with kids 🙂

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