Flash Fiction Magazine Issue 1

I’ve posted in the past about the site 101words.org for, well, honestly, pretty self-serving reasons, mostly; I’ve had a few short pieces published on the site (short as in 101 words EXACTLY, thus the very apt title), and would like people to read them.

I mention it here again for a, well, SOMEWHAT self-serving reason, as the first compilation from these folks, Flash Fiction Magazine, Issue 1, within which I have a short story, is on sale for $0.99.  It contains not only a collection of the 101-word stories but also somewhat longer pieces from its sister site Flashfictionmagazine.com.

I encourage you to not only get the compilation, as there are some really cool stories in there, many of which take a couple of minutes to read, but to also head over to the sites (101words.org and  Flashfictionmagazine.com), read some of the pieces there, sign up to have stories delivered to your inbox, comment to encourage the authors, and submit your own!

(And to put a fine point on the self-serving part, you can find previous posts about the short stories published with these fine folks here, here, here, here and here.  Of course, I could have simply linked to the stories themselves, but if I’m going to self-serve, I might as well go all in!)*

*Note: To pay penance for so much serving-o-self, and for the unforgivable amount of links in this post, I leave you with a totally non-self-serving link to a video of a baby laughing at paper being ripped. I . . . cannot get enough of these laughing baby videos.


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