The Auctioneer – 40by40

Went to an auction yesterday. Man, I wish I had the skills of that auctioneer!  I feel like I could shut down nearly any argument my kids want to have with me. I’d make sure they couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

“How many times did I tell you to pick up your socks? I told you 4 now 4 now 4 now we got 4 now, 5 now 5 now 5 who give me 6 now 6 . . . 6 now? 6 now? We got 5 over here, the pretty lady wearing a belt around her forehead. . . Can I get 6? Can I get 6? Can I get 6? Can I get 6. . .This is an authentic question, not rhetorical. . . We got 6 over here with the young man eating a donut with a single chopstick!! How about 6 1/2 now? 6 1/2? . . .6 1/2? . . .6 1/2? . . . Sold to Chopstick Boy! I told you six times!”

This is part of the 40by40 post “self-challenge” series as outlined here.


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