Depending on your religious affiliation or celebration preferences, I wanted to wish you all a Happy . . .

“National Candy-for-Breakfast” Day!


“Dental-Professional-Boat-Down-Payment” Day!


“I can’t go to school, I feel horrible!” Day!


“The skeleton and half-rotted pumpkin sitting on my porch look a bit beyond creepy now” Day!


“Can I listen to Christmas music NOW without angering my family?” Day!


“Holy crap, I have 2 months to come up with New Year’s Resolutions I have no intention of following through on!” Day!

or, my personal choice,

“National Butterfinger-and-Baby-Ruth-gorge-followed-by-great-lethargy-and-guilt-which-I-will-try-to-drown-out by-playing-christmas-music-whilst-dreaming-of-all-of-the-running-and-sit-ups-I-will-do-in-2018!” Day!


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