A gift for my friends on Facebook

Note: I’ve been a keen observer of social media trends.  Below is a post you can use as your own Facebook status, one which will definitely win (virtual) friends and influence (no actual) people.  You. Are. Welcome. 

“If you ask me, we need to stop trying to be like everyone else, trying to mimic or copy others. We were each given an individual voice, unique words that we can use to tell our OWN story. We are each unique, and uniquely gifted!  Use your OWN words, your OWN voice, and tell your OWN story, using no one’s words and voice and style but your own, my wonderful, unique friends!”

(DIRECTIONS: Copy and paste the above message as your social media status, EXACTLY as it appears here, and tag 7 other people. DO NOT change even one letter, copy it word for word! And don’t simply share: anyone who shares probably hates puppies and justice and is no friend of mine, never has been, never will be!

I’ll know who my friends are, because I’ll check, and so help me if this status isn’t on your feed, or if one part of this wonderfully written post on originality has been changed or altered in some way, or if, by some work of sinister trickery l discover it has been SHARED instead of copied and posted, as I’m clearly requesting.

If that’s what I find, you and I will BOTH know in our hearts, deep down in our souls actually, that we are NOT friends, and we should each consider each dead to the other.
Do it!!!)

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