Author’s Note //2


I’m still not overly comfortable with the whole “Hey, here’s something else to sign up for!” thing, but as the email list for the grows, I’m seeing more inherent value in this type of thing.  I realize we live in a time of skepticism or even downright, good-old American anger when it comes to giving our information, and I understand it fully; I’m likely TOO liberal with what I give up my email address for.

Having said that, I am enjoying very much the “direct” way to interact with readers and other writers.  (It’s strange that email seems destined to be counted among the good old days of communication!)  Again, as the list grows, I am increasing my efforts to be more timely and regular with the emails and to make them of value to the reader. If you are at all interested, please consider signing up via this link. (Also available in the menu bar at the top of each page.)

And please stay in touch, either through the comments, email (also see the link at the bottom of each page), or on the second-rate scientist facebook page.

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