Author’s Aside //2 – Sizes

Note: After inventing the concept of “Aside” last week (again, I have very few superhuman abilities, but (taking credit for) the invention of literary concepts is one of them), and applying it to my blogging efforts, I offer another today.  It’s short. In fact, this intro is longer.  But, as before, I do this to keep the blog fresh (Read: “to make sure my mother and Great Aunt Tilly see some activity and know I’m still alive.”).  I considered having someone take my photo holding today’s newspaper to prove my wellbeing, but that seemed really difficult. So, Mom, Aunt Tilly. Trust me – I’m ok, and eating enough.  Happy Thursday!

I don’t understand clothing sizes of women and girls. I need a table or flowchart in the mornings in order to dress my kids.
“I thought she wore a size 8?”
“Not for that type of shirt. You need to refer to the European Post-Millennial Smallish Pre-Adult sizing chart. Row 24. You’ll see she’s a size ‘Lollipop Guild Petite Tall, Phase 4.'”
“Well, duh.”

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