Author’s Aside //3 – Horses

It’s Kentucky Derby time, and here in my hometown of Lousiville, KY, the excitement is palpable! Which, for me, means I am getting ready to put on some old running shoes so I can spend the day pulling weeds in my yard only to use them to cover up bald dirt spots, with the full knowledge that celebrities are watching horses run around a track across town!

In honor of the Derby, I’m proud to announce the field of 20 names my family and I would give our horses, based on this stage of life! (If we owned horses – again, Kroger and Costco have all of our money.)

In no particular order, please meet our field:

  • NyQuil
  • Promises Made
  • Very Audible
  • Never Alone
  • Extremely Audible
  • Money Bye-Bye
  • Mickey-D Patron
  • El Coffee Addict
  • Midnight PeePee
  • Late For Church
  • Watch My Musical
  • Workplace Escape
  • Short Order Dad
  • Eternal Laundry
  • Costco Rules
  • That’s Not Fair
  • That’s My Seat
  • Faces Made
  • State of Disrepair
  • Justified Behavior

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