11// HOA

The following is a (completely fictional, of course) excerpt from a monthly e-newsletter put out by the HOA of The Meadows, a cozy little neighborhood not too far from where we all live. The time period is “The Future,” but how far thus is debatable.

Notes from the Desk of the President:
  • A hearty “thank you” to the Burns family for organizing yet another successful cul-de-sac cookout! Photos coming soon to The Meadow’s Facebook page.
  • Collection barrels for this year’s Coats for Christmas drive will be posted at both the Wedgewood and the Magnolia entrances. Let’s work together to beat last year’s impressive collection record!
  • Just a friendly reminder to please refer to Ordinance 636 for a list of current lawn standards.
  • If you haven’t already, take a moment to review the photo distributed in the last newsletter, taken on Birchwood by the Dawsons’ mailbox cam. If you see this shady individual, remember your rights (and duties) under Ordinance 644. Shoot to kill, but shoot with care – there are always children present.
  • And finally, congrats to the Meadows Swim Team for achieving runner-up in the regional swim meet! Go Minnows!

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