Aside //4 – “Wisdom”

Occasionally, I feel led to dispense some words of wisdom (aka “W.O.W.!) to those around me.  I was raised to be selfless, self-aware, self-sufficient, self-soothing, and humble.  Thus, I feel it would be self-ISH if I kept these incredible observations to myself, to be enjoyed only by myself, only enriching the life of . . . myself.*  In light of the upcoming graduation season, I offer the following W.O.W. moment, taken directly from my forthcoming book, A Handful of You Will Be Succesful.  You’re welcome, and Happy Friday!

Words of Wisdom for the Class of 2018, # 345:

You may one day find yourself living in a phase of life where you look forward to coming home and cooking turkey bacon for dinner. This might be an indication that you are living your best life now, OR it could mean that you’ve hit rock bottom. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or loved one to help you determine which.

*Insert sarcastic Emoji of choice. 


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