For the Love! (of Dogs)

My parents have been keeping our dog for a while now (she loves to run, they have some land, and it’s summer).  This week they are also keeping my brother’s dogs while they try to sell their house. It’s a good ol’ grand-dog sleepover.

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of dogs, particularly at this stage of life (and I fully realize this makes me a bad person in the eyes of many, and I’ve come to grips with that).  I like them just fine, and might even grow to love them in the future, when the kids are grown, but I currently have enough trouble keeping humans alive and well.  I’ve come to believe that there are enough mess and noise to go around for now.

However, spending time at my parents’ house this week while my wife and oldest daughter are away has really caused me to re-evaluate {yip!. . . yip, yip!}. I feel like I might have misjudged {arf…arf…ARF!}, and actually, I have developed quite a {YIP YIP YIP! ARF! WOOOOF!} for the little guys.  I mean, sure, when you can’t leave for work early in the morning without {YIP. . . YIP YIP!  YIP WOOF YIP ARF!}, or you’re trying to sleep and {WOOOOOF . . .YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP!!!!!}. But, I think it’s past time for me to re-evaluate my prejudices and embrace {YIP WOOF WOOF  YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP ARF ARF YIP YIP YIP BARK BARK RUFF RUFF YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP YIP!!!!!!!!!!!}.

I love seeing things in a new light . . . I SAID I LOVE SEEING THINGS IN A NEW LIGHT!


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