95 before 41

I realize that many blogging purists probably don’t use Facebook.  However, I more or less appreciate it for what it is, and as I’m trying to build a readership while at the same time developing a voice, etc, I need to use whatever media I can.  So, I’m in the middle of a push to encourage people to “Like” the Second-Rate Scientist’s FB page.

I mention it here for two reasons.  One, if you are a Facebook user, and are so inclined, I’d be honored to have you “Like” the page by using the widget to the right (if using a computer) or on the bottom of this page (if viewing on a phone).  Secondly, and perhaps more to the point, I will be posting a virtual blitz of posts (95 is the goal, as explained in the post linked here), many of which I will not be repeating here.

So, pop over and like the page or check out a few posts, many of which you might otherwise miss.

Or don’t.  See if I care.

(Note: I care).

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