Something “Borrowed”

Conventional “wisdom” in the “blogging world” suggests that it is critical to post “regularly” in order to “maintain” a “presence” and “connect” with your “audience.”  Well, my writing teachers in college warned against the “overuse” of “quotation marks,” and that little bit of wisdom was obviously “wrong,” so I’m not sure how much I trust that regular blogging is important if you want to keep a readership.

Be that as it may, I have admittedly been a bit lax with the blogging. Part of it is due to personal reasons, part of it due to other responsibilities, part of it due to good ol’ exhaustion-fueled writer’s block, and part due to my 95-before-41 challenge, where I “vowed” to write 95 posts on the SRS Facebook page before my 41st birthday in a few weeks.  And while I’ve not written nearly as many posts there to put me on a successful trajectory to reach the 95, I have posted more than here (i.e >0), and have gained a few followers!

In the spirit of “keeping an audience” on the blog (read: “laziness”), the next few posts are a few select entries from the SRS FB page.

If you’re reading this, thanks for staying connected! You are “appreciated” more than you know.


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