Ask the Scientist!

Friends, I’m testing out a new feature on the blog/blog Facebook page, one that I hope will keep the fun rolling! (Sorry, I think I heard that last phrase in an ad for a casino, and it sounded more natural there.)

I need your help! Do you have a life-advice question you’ve been dying to ask a very part-time blogger and social media over-poster? Is there a domestic quarrel you’ve been having with your partner, and need a not-technically-qualified social media “friend” to weigh in? Is there a culinary recipe that you just can’t get quite right and need “professional” advice? Do you have an actual science question, one that a full-time scientist SHOULD know the answer to, but may NOT?

Then here’s your chance to get the help you need while helping my blogging endeavor reach new heights! (Nope, that’s some kind of airline motto, and still not right here).

I’m proud to introduce, “Ask the Scientist”!

There are two ways you can submit your questions. You can send them directly to, OR, if you prefer to remain anonymous, use the form below (name is optional, but can also be false/fake/made-up/not-real).

Looking forward to your questions!

(Note: the advice received may be of no value whatsoever, and may possibly confuse the situation more. The Scientist accepts no responsibility for the poor quality of the answers, as he is vastly unqualified in nearly every facet of life skills. He hopes this is fun, but actual “help” is doubtful.)



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