“Evangelical” Search Terms

I always find it interesting when search engines like Google share the top search terms of the year. I also know they have the ability to break down searches by demographic type and wish they would share that info too. I would especially like to see what the “Evangelical” Christian population searches for around the Holidays. I’m guessing at least some of the following would be included.

We are a peculiar bunch.

In the spirit of (making) fun (of ourselves), here are the Top Evangelical Christian Search Terms in December:

  • “Christmas tree pagan”
  • “Christmas tree NOT pagan, proof texts”
  • “Hosting heathen relatives for the holidays”
  • “MAGA Stocking Stuffers”
  • “MJKA (Make Jesus King Again) T-shirts”
  • “Chick-fil-A holiday hours”
  • “Charles Spurgeon Lawn Inflatable”
  • “Caucasian Jesus Nativity”
  • “‘Love Actually’ edited version”
  • “Essential Oil starter set”
  • “How to stop receiving essential oils”
  • “Seriously, why are these oils still coming?”
  • “War on Christmas”
  • “Joanna Gaines Journaling Bible, Shiplap Edition”
  • “Are elves in the Bible?”
  • “Belief in Santa heresy?”
  • “Shop at Target, support the devil?”
  • “Eating nativity cookies disrespectful?”
  • “Elf on a Shelf = End Times”
  • “Michael Bublé religion”
  • “What does the Bible REALLY say about credit card debt?”
  • “Quotes about being blessed”
  • “Non-alcoholic champagne, nondescript bottle”
  • “Can Christmas presents be considered tithes?”
  • “How does Kirk Cameron celebrate Christmas?”
  • “Nativity Gospel Tract”
  • “Beth Moore bobble-head”
  • “‘Root of all Evil’ men’s wallet”
  • “Joel Osteen, heretic, talking points”
  • “Bill Gaither cover of “We Need a Little Christmas”
  • “Willow Tree figurine financing options”
  • “‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’ gift bags”
  • “‘I’m Not Okay, You’re Not Okay, No One is Okay, (and That’s Okay)’ study guide gift bundle”

Have one that I missed? Leave it in the comments! Happy Holidays whatever holidays you happen to be celebrating! And, thanks as always for reading.

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