Start of Year Newsletter

I know that many who read this blog either (a) follow the blog and are notified of new content through WordPress, (b) follow a particular WordPress tag which is used herein frequently, (c) follow through an RSS reader of some type, (d) are naturally skeptical of signing up for email updates, which require the voluntary handing over of email addresses in exchange for written material that can be largely acquired for free using stated methods above,(e) come here from time-to-time to be reminded of how NOT to run/design/write for a modern blog, and/or (f) have a very justifiable dislike of rambling lists and are no longer reading this.

Be that all as it may, I will be releasing a newsletter at the beginning of 2019, EXCLUSIVELY to my mailing list. (As mentioned before, I read somewhere that “EXCLUSIVE” is a buzzword that builds interest among potential readers. I think I also read that it is an annoying word, particularly in all caps, but I’m all in on the word now.)

Sign up here:

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