That’s (Evidently) Amore!

I don’t know what the rest of you did for Valentine’s Day, but my lovely lady and I spent an intimate evening at the local roller skating rink. Our romantic night was set to the unremitting shouts of pain and joy and more pain from dozens upon dozens of sugared-up, largely-uncoordinated children, a scenario which itself was backed up by Contemporary Christian music set at an inner-ear demolishing volume, all of the above accompanied by the faint fragrance of wheel-mounted rental shoes from the Watergate era – a dream within a dream within a dream, really.

The flashing black and neon lights helped set the tone for our romance – was that dark stain on the roller rink blood or nacho cheese, and is it fresh or decades old?

Who knows, and who cares – love was (one of the things) in the air!

And the night ended well beyond my expectations: I consumed a soft pretzel, and we did NOT have to visit the ER for a broken bone.

That’s Amore!


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