Custom Orthotics Unite!

Here’s my one of my problems with Hollywood (since you “asked”):

How am I supposed to feel OK about myself when someone like John Wick, who is at least 10 years my senior, can be shot, stabbed, flogged, punch/kicked in the ribs and head at least 700 times-per-minute, thrown off and through and about buildings, etc, etc, etc, and still literally jog way, all while I can’t take a leisurely stroll around the block without dealing with serious plantar fasciitis flare-ups and fears that my days of leisurely strolls are behind me?

Where is the hero-assassin who needs a tight 10 hours of sleep a night, a round of calve stretches, a dose-and-a-half of anti-inflammatories, and a strong cup of herbal tea before he fights injustice??

It’s past time for us to be represented.

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