Train Them Up!

I love when you take an online training course, say, for work, and the quiz answers are so obvious that you’d have to be a, well, moron, to NOT find the correct option.  Feels like the kind of things I want to say to my kids sometimes:

When you take off your socks, where should you put them?
A) In the cabinet where we keep the plates
B) In your brother’s ear
C) In the hamper

When told what we’re having for dinner, your proper response should be?
A) That sounds great!
B) It’s not my favorite, but I appreciate being fed! 
C) Gross, I’m NOT eating that! Do you hate me?! 

Where does money come from?
    A) Hard-working parents who sacrifice their time to provide
    B) A loving God who sees fit to meet our needs
    C) It just exists and it’s endless and let’s spend some right now

When your parents tell you that you CANNOT do something, what is the most reasonable explanation?
A) They’re looking out for your best interest
B) They are trying to teach you a valuable lesson
C) They don’t care about you and what you want, never have, never will, and everyone in this house can just stop looking at me RIGHT. NOW! 

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