I once was able to

I once was able to just walk out of church, get into my car and go about my daily business. Now, it’s as if I’ve been asked to escort caffeinated juvenile Rhesus monkeys, who happened to have forgotten to take their meds, through a fun-house made of banana taffy.

“For crying out loud, you’ve already gotten hand sanitizer, four times! . . .Those Bibles are for the guests! . . .That escalator goes up for a reason! . . . Every other second of the week you sprint everywhere but now your legs hurt? . . . Where’s your brother?! . . .Put down those used communion cups! . . .You don’t drink coffee! . . .Where. Is. Your. Brother?. . .”

3 thoughts on “I once was able to

  1. And why MUST all pre-teens go to the bathroom during the church service …. when they can play video games at home for 6 1/2 hours without EVER coming up to eat, drink, or use the restroom?????? – I can actually sign “DO NOT REPLY”


  2. It’s amazing how children can make mischief out of anything. Our youngest was a masterful mischief-maker. He rarely repeated an offense; his creative mind always saw new possibilities. He’s now a pastor!


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