Financial Immaturity

My wife is the financial expert in our home – that is literally what she went to college to become. However, several of our accounts are in my name. Which means whenever I have to talk to someone about something financial, I feel like a little kid whose mom has sent him to the store to buy something he’s never heard of before.

Man on Phone: Hello, Dave speaking.

Me: Hi Dave, my name is Phil. I need to speak to someone about a {checks piece of paper} ’Refinance Loan.’

Dave: Sure thing, I can help you with that. What kind of refi are you looking for?

Me: Um, what kind do most people ask for?

Dave: Well . . . uh, that really depends. Do you know if you’re currently conventional?

Me: I’d say I’m pretty conventional. I occasionally eat chips on my sandwich, which some might find strange, but. . . .

Dave: Okay. . . That’s not. . . Never mind. What is your current interest?

Me: Oh, I’m REALLY interested. This would really help us out.

Dave: I meant your interest rate…is there an adult I can talk to?

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5 thoughts on “Financial Immaturity

  1. I can relate a little. My husband and I have been married for 31 years. I got fired from my job as the accountant in our family. When he asked how much was in the checkbook, my sentence always started with. “I think…” or, “About…” For some strange reason he like the checkbook balanced more than once a year. … hmmmm, Do they still do checkbooks?????

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    1. I’m very thankful you commented, gratified that it made you laugh, but maybe more thrilled at the use of the word “hence,” because it is a near-perfect word that is due a comeback! And thank you for the follow!


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