Notes from the Week – “Just Post SOMETHING” Edition

Despite the “Best Intentions” and All That Jazz, it’s been about a month since I’ve even logged onto WP. I had made it a stated, sworn, cross-my-heart promise to write and post more, worry less, etc, but . . . here we are. How is it possible that we are here, at the first of February?? Ah, time and time-related pontificating!

Anyway, in an attempt to start the month off on the right foot (Or left, har! Dad Joke!), here are a few brief observations from the week. I also hope to catch up on the excellent writings of my fellow bloggers this weekend as well!

Notes from the Week:

•I think it’s valuable to understand exactly how we spend our time. For instance, I recently calculated how much time I spend cleaning up after other people, and it turns out it’s longer than I’ve been alive.

•I will probably never sell a house to someone whose business model involves attaching a hand-written poster board to a telephone pole. “Steve buys houses” meet “Staples makes signs.”

•If I cough in a meeting, people might not give a dime or might even become slightly annoyed. But someone sneezes and the entire room can’t wait to bestow a hearty blessing on the person. Seems like we need to split the difference.

•If they’re not going to let John Bolton testify, they should at least let Michael Bolton sing. There are very few debates that will not be made more civil by a live rendition of “When I’m Back on My Feet Again.”

•At what point does one acknowledge that the birds which no one really wants and which look miserable in their cage are not really pets but just extremely colorful hostages?

•I have more respect for people who throw mattresses out of vehicles than people who throw cigarette butts out of vehicles. I can barely lift my mattress to look for the remote – I can’t imagine the energy it takes to deposit one onto the median of a busy interstate!

•I’ve never cared less about an event which I plan to eat more in honor of than the Super Bowl.


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