Here’s my problem with mimes (since you asked)

Sure, some people find them a bit creepy and unnecessary. But I personally get that they’re trying to express a form of artistry, and I can support that.

What I CANNOT support is how they act when trapped inside of a box. That, in my humble opinion, stresses the limits of what should be acceptable as art, and makes a mockery of the artform. I mean, who in the known world would find themselves trapped – FULLY IMPRISONED – inside of a inexplicable, human-sized container, presumably on the verge of suffocation or some other kind of unknown torturous outcome, and would respond by simply and nonchalantly rubbing/patting/prodding the inside of it, as if it is all a quite curious, perhaps even humorous, development? “Oh, will you look at this!” their bemused expression says. “I seem to be trapped inside some sort of box! Isn’t this something?”

Show me a mime who is (quietly) cursing and swinging his or her arms and legs all asunder, trying like a petrified meerkat on methamphetamines to break free of that claustrophobic nightmare scenario, as the rest of us would do. Perfect THAT in your mime schools and make THAT the new poster move for mime-hood the world over.

Until then, I’m sorry, but mimes cannot be trusted.

(Or perhaps I simply need some sleep. . . no, it’s the mimes.)

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