I DID read the labels!

I was recently advised by my doctor to lower my cholesterol. After months of eating foods low in cholesterol, I find out that eating a diet low in cholesterol doesn’t mean you won’t have high cholesterol. Evidently, other things affect cholesterol level. In fact, eating foods low in cholesterol has little effect on your cholesterol levels!

Why, then, is cholesterol content even on the label?

I don’t know.

It’s a bit like sitting in front of doctor and hearing him say, “According to these labs, looks like you’ve been consuming a lot of gasoline.”

“I’ve . . .wait, I’ve NEVER drunk gasoline. Ever!”

“Hmm. . . well, do you ever drink almond milk?”

“Yeah, I love almond milk.”

“Ahh, see, yeah, that can cause high levels of gasoline in your body. . . I’ll get you a pamphlet.”

Wait, what?

(Maybe this is all just the lack of blood flow talking.)

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