Registration Envy

I have a little bit of a beef with the gift registration tradition in this country. Typically, we are allowed to register for gifts when we are getting married or when we are having our first baby. But then, nothing. For the rest of your life, nothing.

I think parents should be able to randomly register for gifts, say, every 5 years or so. At their own discretion, just when they think a registry-worthy event has occurred.

“Hey Everybody! Our son just ate an entire tray of cookies our daughter had made for her friend’s party. She’s sobbing and HE has run down the street in his underwear. Our other daughter just told us that she’s got to make a life-size, animatronic bust of a Charles Dickens character by tomorrow. And my OTHER daughter just asked if I’d stop being so loud while I’m washing the dishes and laundry and floors and walls because it’s embarrassing her while she’s trying to Facetime with her friends. . .I’m registered at Total Wine.”

Gifts or no, hope everyone has a great Saturday!

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