Summer Memories

The following is a SM post from a couple years ago, when summer travel was as simple as hopping in the family truckster and heading (for us) south, with giddy visions of several 64 oz gas station Diet Cokes and twice as many bathroom breaks dancing in our mask-free heads! Ah, summer.

Every time I watch the movie “Cast Away,” the Tom Hanks film about the man who, against all odds, lives through an oceanic plane crash, and ends up surviving years on a deserted island before escaping back to civilization, I find myself thinking, “Yeah, I could do that. I’m a survivor. In fact, what took him so long, am I right?”

And then I’m digging a small hole in the sand for my kids, and for a moment – just a moment – my vision blurs, I hear the faint sounds of an angel choir, and I’m fairly certain I see loved ones who have passed on beckoning me to follow them over a sand dune.


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