I’ve (sorta) got the power!

I feel compelled to brag on myself, just a little. We had a non-functioning lamp that we were going to throw out, but, being something of a latent visionary, I took it upon myself to order a replacement socket and ended up repairing the lamp, all on my own!

And THEN, buoyed by that success, brimming with newfound confidence, I decided the time was right to replace a faulty light switch in our basement. And, wouldn’t you know, I did! Sure, I didn’t replace it with the right type of switch and as a result ended up “destroying a circuit breaker,” one that can evidently only be replaced if I can find someone who has a fully-functional time machine that can take me back to the 1950s. But as I sit here in a house that’s more or less powered, I remind myself that I did technically replace a light switch, and that, I dare say, is something.

Let’s all look on the bright side — so to speak — in 2021!


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