Workplace Communication Tip #129

Never underestimate the power of using the word “Folks” in your workplace communication. It can soften your tone and make the tenor of your conversations much more pleasant, both face-to-face and in writing.

For example, notice how much more jovial the following statements are with this thoughtful inclusion:

“Let’s send the request over to the folks in accounting.”

“I would like to remind folks that there is a strict policy when it comes to using the company printer to print Chili’s coupons.”

“Due to budgetary considerations coupled with poor departmental performance and generally low capabilities, you folks won’t be getting bonuses this year.”

“We have decided to discontinue our casual Friday dress code, a decision attributable to some of the attire choices made by certain folks.”

“We have just performed an audit of the breakroom fridge, and folks here are nasty.”

“You folks are jumping up and down on my last nerve!”

Let’s just think about how we communicate, and make the most of it!

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