Celebrate (And Repeat)

I’m not sure it actually happened on this day in history. I am convinced the exact date is not of ultimate importance.

I’m not sure exactly where it happened, although there is compelling evidence for a couple of historical sites. (One my wife and I visited is pictured below.)

But I do believe it happened. As someone much more clever than I am once said, I don’t possess enough faith to believe otherwise.

Besides, the evidence, both in history and in the lives around me, is overwhelming.

Happy resurrection day. Here’s hoping we all learn to celebrate not only today, but every day!

A tomb located in a garden just outside of the Jerusalem city walls.
A rock hillside that sits right outside of the garden tomb. It looks remarkably like a skull.
A sign placed on the door of a potential tomb site

3 thoughts on “Celebrate (And Repeat)

  1. I read The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel a number of years ago and was highly impressed with his research and compelling evidence from esteemed scholars. You are so right, Phil: the evidence IS overwhelming! For loved ones who have yet to invite Jesus into their lives and accept his gift of eternal life, I pray for holy curiosity to consider that evidence!

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    1. Amen Nancy! And I do really appreciate Lee Strobel and his books. Somewhere along the journey of my faith, I somehow got it into my mind and soul that it was almost sacrilegious to try to “prove” God and Jesus are real, like it showed a lack of faith on my part. Now I’m so thankful for Strobel and others who offer great reminders to even believers!

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